So hello everyone, I'm Ewen, I'm at my 2nd year in High school (1er STi2D option System Information and Numerique), I'm making videos on Youtube and Lives on Twitch for fun. I also was writter/scenarist of a manga with a friend. But I'm actualy making a game with another friend; and writting a 6-tomes story about my inner-self imaginary world.

I'm a geek, passioned of informatique, but also a very lazy guy.

You won't see me for anything else than gmes : Minecraft (crack), Civilization IV, World of Tanks, E-Sim and others gestion-strategygames / RPG (no MMO)

I'm (not active) on a lot of social networks : Facebook and Twitter, but also some other less know like Sploder or Telenya; I even was in a small project called For infos : my nicknames are UnderTrack / Nicew Ewen / Ewen Gougis / Xodayfa (I won't explain the origin of the last one xD)

I'm using, for the ones who wants to know : Sony Vegas Pro 13, freemake, Photoshop CS6, Cinema 4D et OBS Studio as software and my small configuration : Intel i7-620M (4M @ 2.66 GHz [Dual-core]), Windows 10 Pro, NVidia NVS 3100M (512M VRAM), and a motherboard Mobile Intel HM57 Express.

With me yt's fun and we don't bother ourself.


For more informations :   - Minecraft .


                                      - Lunaria Story .


                                      - Perfect World .


                                      - Sims 2 U-Edition .


                                      - Settlers 6/4 G-Edition .


                                      - Game Corp/HoW .


                                      - Sploder .


                                      - Telenya .


                                      - Packed .


And to the inevitable :  Facebook .


                                    - Twitter .


                                    - Youtube .


                                    - Twitch .

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