Oy, so I'm Ewen, aka UnderTrack or Underen "for intimates"; currently, I live in the Reunion Island but I travelled a lot in the past, nearly everywhere in the southern France, Corsica, Martinique Island and Portugal. And in july, I'll move again back to mainland France.

Previously I used to do music and various activities as graphist; however now, I kind of stopped doing music, I still do some kind of graphic work though, but I pass the majority of my time to do some web dev or writting my novels if not simply playing games. For those interested, there's a list of my personal projects with my roles in them.

Then I'm also a fan of computing, therefore why my course : STi2D SIN then SPGE TSI then Engineer College sintead of hte classic scientifique path which would have slowed me down.

I also used to be on Youtube and Twitch a while ago. Then the circle of games I play also reduced, for info, here they are :

Minecraft (stopped),
Civilisation IV (from times to times),
World Of Tanks (stopped),
E-Sim (stopped),
From the Depths (active),
Hearts of Iron IV (active),
Software Inc. (active),
Rimworld (active),
Or still many other sandbox, strategy, management or simulation games.

Otherwise, I'm also (less active) on many social networks, like the notable Facebook or Twitter, but I'm also in the less known Sploder or Telenya; I even participated in the small project named For info, my usual nicknames are UnderTrack / Underen / Nice Ewen / Xodayfa / Deliigioso / Damian Sukare. (I won't explain their origins :P)

For those interested, my PC that I've been using for the last 4 years is the "LoRdi Region Languedoc-Roussillon" whihc is a HP x360 Pavillon : Intel Pentium (N3540 @2.16 GHz), 4Gb RAM and 1 256 Gb SSD

So here's the list of my personal projects :
Project Remnant - But my fictional world in novels - Author - Undeath Developpement
Project Remnant - Make VNs out of my novels - Game Dev (Programmer, Artist) - Undeath Developpement
Prima Eterna - a very specific VN - Author - Undeath Developpement
Community Project - Make a PCTP adventure game - Lorist, Scenaristic Team Leader - Hopson's Discord Server CP Team
Project Iron Star - Making a RTS game alike Homeworld - Lorist, Game Designer, Composer, co-Admin - Eclipse Studio
Soon tm - Make a Website for the band "Sunshine" - Web dev (Programmer, Designer) - Sunshine
project name - detail - roles - for who


For more info :
Minecraft (MC)
Lunaria Story (LS)
Perfect World France (PWF)
The Sims 2 Ultimate Edition (TS2)
The Settlers 6 (S6)
The Settlers 4 Gold Edition (S4G)
House of teh Wolves (HoW)
Game Corp (GC)
Sploder (Profile)
Telenya (Profile)
Packed/TBLab (Profile)
Facebook (Page YT/Music)
Twitter (Profile)
Youtube (Channel)
Twitch (Channel)
Soundcloud (Music)
Mixcloud (Music)
Eclipse Studio (Discord)
From The Depths (Forum)
Software Inc.(Official website)

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